Nerf Gun Skills Competition
June 9 (Saturday) at 12:00pm

20 spots left

Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
GlowSport Ottawa
Does your young warrior feel like the NERF KING of Ottawa? Now is their chance to showcase their skills and see how they stand up against other young warriors during this true test of skill.  

Participants will participate in different missions whether as a team or solo to complete certain objectives.  Points will be awarded depending on the results of each mission and the winning player at the end will win a prize from GlowSport.  

If ANY participant gets a certain number of points they move on to the bonus round once the hour and a half of activities ends. Here they receive 20 brand new darts to use in a target shooting gallery and then take home after.  If they succeed in passing the target range they win a BRAND NEW NERF GUN worth $75-$150 and become NERF KING of Ottawa.

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